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It is good to be a member of the Southern California Mapua Alumni organization. Membership supports lifelong learning programs, career services, student scholarships and more - which benefits MIT and all MIT alumni. Members receive a copy of the SCMA newsletter highlighting upcoming events, new member benefits and volunteer opportunities.

The purpose of SCMA is to develop and maintain a close relationship between Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT), its constituents, and its alumni for their mutual benefit. The Association is committed to, and involved in, the support and well-being of MIT and its alumni. Our objectives are (1) To provide networking opportunities for MIT alumni. (2) To provide an opportunity for MIT alumni to receive information about their alma mater. (3) To help alumni to sustain an emotional bond with their alma mater. (4) To enhance the image of MIT and its alumni. (5) To establish an MIT scholarship program.

Membership Dues: Lifetime: $150.00; 1 Year: $15.00 (New and Annual Renewal)

Membership to SCMA is open to all Mapuans residing in Southern California. Please download the membership form and follow the instructions. For more details please contact our President Mr. Dan Nable (909.240.0048) or leave a message on our guestbook and we will contact you.

A copy of the association's Constitution and By-Laws are available by clicking this link.

Our list of members are available by clicking this link.